Violent Video Games: Do They Lead to Aggressive and Addictive Behavior?

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Video games for children, teens and young adults is a $10 billion a year business in the United States. Certainly some of the games offer harmless entertainment and maybe even some educational value. But the games that seem to be the most eagerly anticipated, the games that major retailer Zany Brainy says “the industry is focusing on,” and the games … Read More

Anger Management Strategies for Stressed Out Individuals at Work

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You may as well face it, we all live in a world where stress is a constant factor in our lives. For some individuals, stress will start intruding into their lives even before leaving home to go to work or school. Just waking up to the people we live with can sometimes get our nerves in an uproar. The sad … Read More

Is Non-Violent Revolution Possible in Today’s World?

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This topic is by no means new; however given the daily chaos in and around us, it seems that these kinds of ideas are losing popular ground to more violent approaches. So, here are some reminders for us all from world renowned individuals. There has been the notion of many persons that non-violent actions never work or that they take … Read More

Talking and connecting with the students at the University

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On May 2nd 2016 Dr. Ellie Zarrabian presented a talk at the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Pakistan on “Creating Peace in Our Personal Life and Community.” About 40 students attended the talk and connected with Dr. Ellie through Skype for the Q & A at the end of the presentation. A successful event!  

How Can I Make a Difference: The Seeds Were Planted Long Ago

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My good friend Patti and I, also a psychologist, were attending a professional conference up in the San Francisco Bay area. We were having breakfast before heading over to our conference. Patti also shares my love for SF. I was telling her that morning that it was about two decades ago when I had my vision for the Centerpeace Project. … Read More

How Can I Make a Difference: Meet & Greet

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Karen, my editor, helped me put together the skeleton of the business plan for the Centerpeace Project. By now, we were both hard at work writing, editing, and re-writing the chapters of the book (which I knew would accompany the Project). Similar to this blog, the book is being written for people who want to be agents of change, starting … Read More

How Can I Make a Difference: Meet & Greet More Amazing People

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After our second meeting, I grew eager to find funding for the project so I could pay these amazing people and go full throttle on our work-but I did not know where to start looking. Then, serendipity occurred. I was visiting my next-door neighbor when a young woman walked through the door to visit our mutual friend. Upon being introduced … Read More