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In communities around the world, where women, men and children have been subjected to violence, where they have lost their loved ones, their home, or their dignity, a kind of trauma happens. This type of trauma creates either victims of violence, bystanders or perpetrators of violence and hate. Trauma is also passed down from generation to generation and violence and hatred continue to plague the people and the land. But there is a powerful way to stop these patterns of violence. To give people the opportunity to heal the trauma, to learn to forgive, to develop inner peace and to fuel one’s energy into creating a more peaceful and sustainable future is the work of the Centerpeace Project. Contact us and become part of the solution!

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Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D. Founder and Executive Director

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Our vision is guided by the philosophy of building community by empowering the younger generation to learn new ways of communication, heal generational wounds and trauma and to come up with co-creative, and innovative solutions for fostering peace in their community.

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The Centerpeace team targets a threshold community around the globe and makes connections with the right individuals interested in bringing the project to their community. Once the agreement has been made, the team travels to the targeted sites for a duration of six weeks to set up the program.

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Learn about the Centerpeace Project and how it can help your community manage violence and war.

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Centerpeace Project membership is designed for individuals and organizations to become part of a global community of peacemakers, activists, healers, artists, and educators dedicated to creating peaceful solutions around the world. Join and become a member of our team today!