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In communities around the world, where women, men and children have been subjected to violence, where they have lost their loved ones, their home, or their dignity, a kind of trauma happens. This type of trauma creates either victims of violence, bystanders or perpetrators of violence and hate.Trauma is also passed down from generation to generation and violence and hatred continue to plague the people and the land. But there is a powerful way to stop these patterns of violence. To give people the opportunity to heal the trauma, to learn to forgive, to develop inner peace and to fuel one’s energy into creating a more peaceful and sustainable future is the work of the Centerpeace Project.Contact us and become part of the solution!

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Our vision is guided by the philosophy of building community by empowering the younger generation to learn new ways of communication, heal generational wounds and trauma and to come up with co-creative, and innovative solutions for fostering peace in their community.

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The Centerpeace team targets a threshold community around the globe and makes connections with the right individuals interested in bringing the project to their community. Once the agreement has been made, the team travels to the targeted sites for a duration of six weeks to set up the program.

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The Centerpeace team targets a threshold community around the globe and makes connections with the right individuals interested in bringing the project to their community. Once the agreement has been made, the team travels to the targeted sites for a duration of six weeks to set up the program.

Team members work closely with the elders, teachers, healers, volunteers, and community members of these communities alongside Western trained therapists, educators, volunteers and healers together under one roof. During the six weeks, the team hires and trains the local staff to run each satellite site.

Once the program is up and running Centerpeace team leaves the site and the staff and local community members take over.


The children and young adults will be taught the necessary tools for:

  • Effective interpersonal communication
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Empathy building

The healing center at each site will provide services to the children, young adults and their families. Services include…

  • Trauma Counseling
  • Mediation
  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Healing Circles
  • Prayer, chanting, drumming and other native rituals

The nutritionist at each site will teach the children and their families about healthy foods, nutrition, diet and exercise.

The garden at each site will grow and provide locally grown organic fruits and vegetables to the children.


Technology plays a key role in the formation, running, connecting and creating revenue for the centers. Our different centers around the globe will be virtually linked. Young adults will be in continuous communication via the web to share and discuss their projects and community work. All art work and projects pertaining to healing and peace building will be highlighted and show cased online. Selected children’s art work and group projects will be available for sale online.


The centers are set up to work with volunteers who come to teach or participate in the programs year round. Register to become a volunteer!

Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
Timeline Photos Everyone struggles with conflict. Whether at home, work, school or in the community, people can benefit from having better communication skills when it comes to managing conflict. That's why Dr. Ellie is committed to helping people decrease their stress.

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Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
Timeline Photos Every day is a new opportunity to start over again. Reboot your system and clear away busy mind chatter and mental clutter by starting the day fresh.

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Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
Shamanic Healing Practices In Los Angeles | Shamanic Coaching Dr. Ellie Zarrabian offers Shamanic healing Los Angeles to highly sensitive, gifted and creative individuals. Learn the tools to integrate spirituality in your healing and recovery, find meaning, purpose and direction in life and use your sensitivity to sustain you ...
Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
Timeline Photos Dr. Ellie's expertise in non-violent communication and conflict management techniques are tried and true to work at home, work, school and in the community.

Call: (310) 498-3573
Email: contact@centeronpeace.com

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Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
Timeline Photos Here's an insightful video about "People as Triggers".

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Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
NBC News Often white or brown people say this about their own race and complain as to why blacks don't do the same. MLK answers that question. It still applies today when people say "Just work harder or don't be so lazy."

Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
Inner Peace Meditation Learn how to quiet your mind and find inner calmness through Finding Inner Peace Los Angeles. Centerpeace Foundation offers individual and group sessions on mindfulness meditation to stop the mind chatter and the negative self talk.
☎ Call us: ...
Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
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Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
Becoming Part of Our Community Becoming Part of Our Community Without Borders

Watch here: http://bit.ly/2GUoFky

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Becoming Part of Our Community Without Borders Ellie Zarrabian, PhD Videography by Andrey Misyutin
Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
Timeline Photos Dr. Ellie Zarrabian can help you find direction and orientation in your life.

Call (310) 498-3573
Email contact@centeronpeace.com

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Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
Home Centerpeace Foundation ends your search for spiritually integrated counseling near me. Since 2008, the center has been offering a variety of healing practices to individuals and groups through their professional and expert guidance.
☎ Call us: 310-498-3573
✔ Visit ...
Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
Three Ways to Become a Better Listener Three Ways to Become a Better Listener

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Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
Nonviolent Communication Los Angeles For building better skills to communicate and problem solve. Non Violent Communication Los Angeles is the direction to go. Our experts will hold half or full day workshops for your group and will teach the right skills to decrease stress, ...
Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
Timeline Photos Heal. Restore. Find Peace.

Dr. Ellie Zarrabian can help. Call (310) 498-3573 or email contact@centeronpeace.com.

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Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
If you are looking for Shamanic healing Los Angeles check out Centerpeace Foundation. Centerpeace offers a variety of services for people interested in mind/body/spirit healing practices.
☎ Call us: 310-498-3573
✔ Visit us: http://centeronpeace.com/shamanic-healing/
Email us: contact@centeronpeace.com

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Learn about the Centerpeace Project and how it can help your community manage violence and war.

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